QTP Training in Chennai: Review on QTP Automation Tool

QTP Training in Chennai: Review on QTP Automation Tool

QTP Training in Chennai: Review on QTP Automation Tool

Quick Testing Professionals is most popular automation testing tool used for validating the functionality of a software application. It is a fully automated and functional tool used for graphical user interface testing. QTP is flagship automation testing tool from HP and hence you expects same trust when comes to trust and reliability. The new version of QTP testing tool is named as UFT (Unified Functional Testing).  This automation testing tool allows the software testers to carry out validation process online with real-time experience.  QTP is most used automation tool when comes to functional and regression testing. It gives most precise details about the functionality and reliability of an application or system under test.

QTP features simple and user-friendly interface, which make it most preferable automation testing tool among the testing professionals and recognized as industry standard automation testing tool. The features loaded in QTP makes complicated testing process lot simpler and quicker. QTP is used to validate wide range of application ranging from desktop, windows, enterprise, mobile application, etc. As the usage of QTP automation tool keeps on increasing, there is massive demand for QTP professionals. QTP Training in Chennai is recommended for candidates looking employment in software testing industry.

What QTP Can Do?

  • QTP integrates itself with HP Quality Center
  • Test cases can be executed on real-time basis
  • Now, direct execution is possible with HP Quality Center
  • You can monitor the test process using Local System Monitoring
  • Helps with versioning
  • While test run, you can use call actions dynamically
  • Fully functional library that runs with your tests
  • With xPath, QTP identifies the objects easily

Tools for QTP:

Quick Test Professional comes with seat license and concurrent license. We use seat license for single/fixed machine. Whereas, concurrent license is for multiple computers connected on network, hugely used in corporates.

  • VBScript for writing Scripting (Test scripts for validating application under test)
  • SQL Engine integrated with QTP (to perform Database Operations)
  • Excel integration in QTP for Data Driven Testing
  • MS Script Debugger for debugging Test Scripts
  • XML integration for test results
  • Astra Quick Test (mother of QTP automation tool)
  • Internet Explorer for recording tests and execution 

Features Loaded in QTP Automation Tool:

  • The regular expressions evaluator in Quick Test Professional automation tool will definitely helps testers to minimize the complication testing phases.
  • The visual relation identifier identifies the objects based on the relationships with other objects in the application/system under test.
  • Enhanced results viewer displays the summary data and pie of the tests. The runtime data table also displayed to facilitate the testers for quick overview.
  • QTP automation tool makes the scripts more dynamic. The Load Function Library facilitates runtime loading and library during the test phases.
  • Now, QTP is compatible with Firefox web browser. It makes testing web application and related services lot easier.
  • Testers can instruct QTP to parameterize input data automatically by enabling this sophisticated feature during recording. It helps you to minimize the overall testing time.
  • Now, QTP automation tool is now compatible with Silverlight. We enjoy extended support for Silverlight applications from quick test professional.
  • Like Selenium automation testing tool, QTP recognizes objects using XPATH and CSS properties in the application. You can easily integrate QTP scripts with service tests.

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