LoadRunner Training in Chennai: Introduction to Performance Testing

LoadRunner Training in Chennai: Introduction to Performance Testing

LoadRunner Training in Chennai: Introduction to Performance Testing

Software testing is most crucial step in software development life cycle. Software developers are striving very hard to deliver high quality and best performing software product catering the client’s business or personal requirements. Delivering faulty or low performing application will hinder the client business and ruin your reputation as well. It is mandatory to validate the performance and behavior of a software product before deployment. Performance testing helps software testers and developers to identify bottle-neck issues that affect the overall performance and execution of a software application. Performance is considered as measure of quality.

Even the application is loaded with extreme functionality but has some performance issues then the quality gets stacked no matter how much resource and effort are utilized for developing a software product. LoadRunner Training in Chennai can help the software testing professionals to boost their knowledge in performance testing and identify bottle-neck issues that degrade the performance of an application/system.

Some of common performance issues include:

  • A web page loads fast in one situation and not responding in other situation.
  • When a user gets proper information about errors like system not responding, server unavailable, etc.
  • How the application/system performs under actual load
  • How the application responds when the load reaches the breaking point
  • How fast the application bounces back from a catastrophic failure and resume its normal work

LoadRunner Training is best way to acquaint with necessary skills and expertise to handle performance testing. The above mentioned performance issue get greater significance when the application/system goes live. So there must be some validation point to be carried out before the application is deployed. Getting trained on LoadRunner automation tool will offer you the chance of getting hands-on experience on latest tools and get aware of it.

HP LoadRunner is an industry standard automation testing tool from Hewlett-Packard. This software suite is used to validate system behavior and performance under actual load. HP acquired LoadRunner automation testing tool from Mercury Interactive in November 2006. This automation testing tool is capable of stimulating thousands of virtual users concurrently using the application, recording and later validating the performance and behavior of key components of the application. LoadRunner pretends user movement by generating messages between the application components. The generated messages are stored as scripts. This automation tool is capable of generating the scripts by recording them, like HTTP request between the client application and web server.

LoadRunner automation tool helps the software testing professionals to analyze various factors that ruin the performance of a software product under the actual load. The most important feature is that how the test results are interpreted. The graphs shown in this tool can be customized based on your needs. This graphs exhibits how the application is responding as the load increases suddenly or simultaneously. Developers can also create using the Vuser Generator tool, it can create real time situation of exercising dissimilar loads at same.

FITA Academy is the Best LoadRunner training institute in Chennai offering professional training on LoadRunner and other automation testing tools like Selenium, QTP, etc.

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