LoadRunner Training in Chennai: The Need and Future of Performance Testing

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Performance testing is one of the significant processes in software quality assurance life cycle. While the software application/system is effectively developed and validated for functionality, it may fail to accommodate hundreds of simultaneous users. Performance testing monitors the true potential of an application. It generates a scenario where thousands of simultaneous users are using the application. Thereby, it calculates the performance of an application/system in terms of stress management, load balancing, scalability and endurance. As the testing requires thousands of users to create real-time situation, automation software tools are used to carry performance testing. HP is pioneer in software testing segment with its flagship performance testing tool LoadRunner.

Software development industries are looking to develop and deploy best performing application catering the client’s business requirement. Delivering faulty products will affect the client’s business process as well as the reputation of the software company. Thus, rigorous testing procedure is carried on software application/system before deployment. In other words, software testing is the process of validating the product whether its functioning based on client specification. Based on recent survey, software testers are highly paid professionals in software development industry. Thus, taking HP LoadRunner Training in Chennai at FITA Academy will help you to enter software testing industry.

What is LoadRunner?

LoadRunner is an automation testing tool from HP; it is designed to carry out non-functionality testing like performance testing. It unbridles the true potential of a software application/system before its deployed in real time. With the fast advancement and increasing cloud computing technology, it is mandatory to validate every application for stress management, load balancing and scalability features before delivering to end users.

 The Need for HP LoadRunner Automation Testing:

In this fast paced world, everyone wants precise and instant results. With numerous options available to the consumers, businesses have only few minutes to impress a customer to go with their products or services. In such situation, application load time is essential. You need to make sure that the application is loads in quick pace. At the same time, the response time must be short. When a user input data into the application/system, he expects instant results. In addition, scalability is another important factor wherein multiple user login into the application at the same time. HP LoadRunner offers spontaneous testing tools that automate the non-functional testing procedure to validate the performance of a software application or system.

LoadRunner Automation Tool in Cloud:

With the increased use of cloud based application, there is huge demand for cloud testing. LoadRunner automation tool lacks this future in the past. Now, software testers can use cloud version of HP LoadRunner automation tool to validate cloud application and enjoy maximum return on investment.  LoadRunner compatible with Amazon EC2 web services to offer highly scalable solution to businesses of any size. The important advantage of cloud based testing is the real time networking testing platforms.

Future of LoadRunner Automation Testing:

Performance testing has proved to be most important for success of software development industries. Poor performance not only leads to financial loss, it may leads to legal complication at times. Thus, software testing is integral part of software development life cycle.  Being most used performance testing tool, there is huge demand of software testers skilled in executing testing phase using LoadRunner automation tool. Thus, it is recommended for freshers and experienced professionals to enroll in LoadRunner Training from training academy.

FITA Academy is best LoadRunner Training Institutes in Chennai offering practical oriented training on Load Runner automation testing tool. We offer training through experienced professionals with years of experience in handling HP LoadRunner Automation Tool. Join us for professional LoadRunner Course in Chennai and enter software testing industry with good salary package.

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