Selenium Training In Chennai – The Future of Selenium Automation Testing

Selenium Training In Chennai – The Future of Selenium Automation Testing

Selenium Training In Chennai – The Future of Selenium Automation Testing

Gradually, the automation testing is replacing the manual testing process as it increases the efficiency and effectiveness in software testing. When comes to testing web application and related services, selenium automation testing tool is widely used among the software testing professionals. Selenium is an open source automation testing tool that receives major regard among software testing industries all over the world. In fact, most of the organization adapts selenium as their flagship testing tool. The major reason why selenium is popular is the cost. Enterprise and freelance software testing professionals are opting for open source product for minimizing the overall development cost.

Open source automation tools are cost effective and provide long term solution. Under this situation, selenium offer outstanding features compared to other expensive testing tools available in the market. Selenium is a portable testing tool that readily integrates with your web browsers. Being most used automation testing tool for validating web application, this tool offer huge career prospects for professionals skilled in handling automation testing using Selenium. Selenium Training in Chennai @ FITA Academy will help professionals to enter software testing industry with handsome salary package.

There are several reasons that the future of selenium automation testing tool looks promising. This automation tool features best user interface and performance in order to deliver impressive user experience. Here are some reasons to follow:

Open Source:

Selenium automation testing tool is released under the license of Apache 2.0 by ThoughtWork. Therefore, this framework is available to download and use without any licensing agreement. Moreover, you no need to pay anything than the internet cost for downloading the application. This automation tool can be easily adapted by small, medium and larger enterprises as well as freelance software testing professionals.

Cross Platform Support:

For web application, it is important to be compatible with all web browsers and operating system. This feature is very important to ensure impressive user experience. Selenium automation tool allows software testing professionals to evaluate an application/system performance quickly on all popular web browsers. For recording and playing back the test scripts, you can make use Mozilla Firefox. Selenium is compatible with most of the operating system available on the internet such as Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.

Selenium IDE:

Selenium automation tool is loaded with various advanced tools like IDE that helps software testers to record, edit and debug the test. This tool allows you to manage the test automation based on the software testing requirements.


The programming language in which test scripts are written is called as Selenese. However, software testers can choose programming language based on their desire. Selenium supports various programming languages like Java, Ruby, C#, PHP, Python, Perl, etc.

Incredible Support and Documentation:

Proper training is required for software testers when they migrate to the new platform. Sufficient tutorials and documentation is provided with the selenium automation tool. Therefore, professionals can take advantage of the guide to understand the functioning of the tools. The greatest strength of selenium automation testing tool is the flexibility. There are several innovative features can be integrated with this framework as well as the test scripts. To get maximum advantage of this automation tool, it’s recommended to go for Selenium Training.

We offer Selenium Course in Chennai by experienced software testing professionals with years of experienced in testing domain. Our 100% practical and placement oriented training helps freshers and experienced professionals to get placed in leading software testing industry.

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