Software Testing Training in Chennai – Quality Assurance Training for 2015

Software Testing Training in Chennai – Quality Assurance Training for 2015

Software Testing Training in Chennai – Quality Assurance Training for 2015

Software quality assurance is the integral part of software development life cycle. Software development companies are working hard to develop and deploy best performing application based on the client’s specification and business requirements. Delivering faulty product might ruin the client’s business process as well as the software development company reputation. Based on World Quality Report, software development industries invest more in testing and quality assurance to meet rising customer expectations. As the demand of software testing keeps on increasing, the future of software testing professionals are in positive note. Candidates looking for break into software testing industry can enroll in Software Testing Training in Chennai @ FITA Academy.

Why Quality Assurance is Important?

  • Low quality product/system with significant performance and functionality issues will get negative responsive from the potential end users.
  • The competition in the software and mobile apps development industry is immense. Your competitors are hard on the wheels. If you product, they will get advantage instantly.
  • To develop a new application, it cost more. If the software product does not meet client specification, it may leads to revenue loss.
  • Software quality assurance must be integrated along with the software development life cycle. Identify bugs and other performance issues at the early stage will minimize the development cost.

Here are some important factors to follow in order to avoid above mentioned risks in software development life cycle.

In-House Vs. Independent Testing:

Based on Word Quality Report, most of the software development companies use Functional Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) to integrate software testing with business development from the beginning. To integrate TCoE, business requires clear organization, streamlined process, direct governance and reliable environments and tools.

Independent testers are third part testing companies. The application/system under test is validated by experienced software testers to identify performance and functional issues. Quality assurance testing includes manual and automation testing, which become an indisputable part in software development.

Mobile Testing:

Mobile marketing is boosting the corresponding testing field. Mobile users have become more advanced and to succeed to be successful an app must be validated. According to the quality report, more than 55% mobile app development companies carryout mobile app testing.

  • Mobile is going to be the future of business promotion in near future. You can target user to market your business products or services.
  • As per recent study, mobile development industry lacks 48% of mobile app testers. It maximizes the career prospects of talented professionals.

Cloud Testing:

Cloud computing is next big thing in the IT industry. As the usage of cloud technology keeps on increasing, the demand of cloud testing keeps on increasing. Cloud testing professionals need to pay special attention to

  • Bandwidth and Latency Testing
  • Consonance Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Load and Performance Testing

Agile Software Testing:

As the agile process followed in software development industry, agile testing becomes most important process in software development industry. It is primarily integrated with development life cycle instead of following separate phase.

  • Development and Testing will be followed simultaneously to minimize whole development time and expense.
  • Software testing professionals are full members of the agile development team
  • Automation testing covers important phase in testing process
  • Testing and coding are done on consistent basis to determine a software application performance and functionality

FITA Academy is one of the best Software testing training institutes in Chennai offering professional Manual Testing Training, Selenium Training, LoadRunner Training and QTP Training by experienced professionals as per industry standards.

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