Benefits of Selenium Testing

Benefits of Selenium Testing

When we discuss Selenium, we are really discussing the two its flavors: Selenium Web Driver and Selenium IDE. Both automate programs with the help of web application testing. Web Driver is generally used to make browser-based tests. Selenium IDE is most profitable in making unit tests, exploratory tests and bug generation scripts. Selenium Training in Chennai helps you to know more benefits of testing any application using selenium.

Why Selenium Is Popular

Selenium is a free open source. It is utilized by much major online business for testing their web interfaces including Facebook and Google. After set up, it delivers a great approach to produce test scripts, reuse and validating these test cases in automated test structures.

Selenium requires a lot of technical skill and tools to become fully functional. Furthermore, its usability at the GUI level can misdirect software testers into abusing it for testing lower layers in the product stack. Let us discuss the positive properties of testing with Selenium. Selenium Training in Velachery will help to enhance your testing career to the next level.

Selenium Pros

  • It is a free download and support is free as well, in spite of the fact that it is group based.
  • Selenium tests ready to keep running under different browsers
  • Despite the fact that Selenium has its own script language, you are not stricter to writing in that language since it can work with language bindings to help whatever your engineers/analyzers are comfortable with including C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and others.
  • Selenium scripts are made by recording activities utilizing the web application under test running in a program. These test cases will be saved and re-run whenever needed. Selenium tests can be made physically using web development tools include Firebug too.
  • Selenium does not limit QA’s decision of reporting tools, manufacture frameworks or some other part of their testing system. It coordinates well with mainstream instruments, for example, Hudson, SauceLabs, Selenium-Grid, QMetry, and others.
  • It additionally supports web applications that execute some portion of their features inside the browsers utilizing JavaScript and AJAX

Because of its many benefits, Selenium finds wide use for UI, acceptance testing and regression unit. As a result of the fast test improvement it empowers, it is very prominent for quick cycle development technique, for example, Agile or Extreme Programming. Selenium is likewise well known with IT staffs who automate the web-based service. To know more, take up Selenium Course in Chennai for better knowledge in selenium.

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