Selenium is a tool that can be used for automate testing of web application. It is an open source automation testing tool that can run in many operating systems like windows, Mac, Linux and can be controlled with programming language like java or PHP. The selenium tool is strong, easy to use and flexible.

The four main components of selenium: Selenium RC – It is the older version of selenium that work on multiple browsers and can be implemented in any programming language. Web driver – It is the newer version of selenium that works on multiple browser and supports in android and IPhone testing. Grid – It can run parallel in multiple heterogeneous platform and browsers so that it can speed up web testing and we can distribute our test on the multiple machines. It is better to get the brief knowledge of all these components in best selenium testing training institute in Chennai.

The features like open source, works in multiple browsers, supports in android and iPhone testing, object oriented data driven. Selenium IDE is the integrated development environment for building selenium test case. The scripts that are written in IDE follow linear execution and lack programming language. It is capable of translating selenium command into client driver’s API function call. The Selenium Training in Chennai will guide you to use all these set of tools effectively.

The selenium will be more useful if it is all flexible, all extensible, open source project and free of cost. The best Selenium Training in Chennai will be offered by us with the well experienced trainers to work in real time in order to automate testing of web application. It is better for the students to get trained and gather about the course details in selenium testing course in Chennai.

Nowadays there are lot of job vacancies in automated selenium testing course and the current openings are more in automated testing while compared to manual testing. The automated testing has overcome the drawbacks and has many advanced features in it. The results of automated testing are more accurate and can be supported in all browsers and it is the best choice to choose automated selenium test for web application.

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